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Viva! Roxy Music

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A live album comprised of material recorded on tours from 1973, 1974, and 1975, ‘Viva!’ is a strong, powerful document of Roxy Music at the peak of their live powers, featuring a fine cross-section of their best work. The album was released a few weeks before Bryan Ferry announced that Roxy Music had split up. By 1979 the band no longer existed. In this respect, one could see this record as a farewell work at the time. Bryan Ferry’s voice is as energetic as ever and Andy MacKay demonstrates his innate musical wisdom on sax and oboe. Paul Thompson is a absolute power-house on the drums when playing live and does so impressively. Phil Manzanera is out of sight as usual and the classically trained Eddie Jobson brings an imaginative element to the mix with the electric violin and mellotron.


  • Out of the Blue [Live from Newcastle City Hall]
  • Pyjamarama [Live from the Apollo]
  • The Bogus Man [Live from Newcastle City Hall]
  • Chance Meeting [Live from the Apollo]
  • Both Ends Burning [Live from Wembley Empire Pool]
  • If There Is Something [Live from Newcastle City Hall]
  • In Every Dream Home a Heartache [Live from Newcastle City Hall]